About ALC

Athlete Licensing Company (ALC) is an NIL rights management company that delivers Strategic NIL Services and Technology to Universities, Student-Athletes and Licensees.

Deep, Interdisciplinary Expertise

ALC was founded by 30-year legal and accounting veterans in the music, entertainment and influencer industries. For decades, the ALC team has focused on building, distributing, valuing and auditing revenue streams of some of the most successful artists and brands in the world. In 2021, the ALC team applied that infrastructure to the collegiate NIL world, successfully working with programs in the largest, most competitive conferences.

the Complexity

ALC’s technology platform is more than a payment process. It is based on a foundational system that’s been proven over decades – tracking and distributing music and IP royalties across all platforms, ensuring a transparent, efficient licensing, collection, accounting and payment system for record labels, music publishers and creators.

Thinking Model

Whether the next phase of collegiate athletics follows an employment model, an independent contractor model or other variation, ALC’s strategic services and technology platform are scalable and adaptable to track and distribute collected revenue to athletes, brands, content creators and stakeholders.