Golden Touch & Athlete Licensing Company Announce Partnership

May 17, 2023

Golden Touch & Athlete Licensing Company Announce Partnership

BRENTWOOD, TN – May 17, 2023 – Athlete Licensing Company (ALC), a tech-enabled name, image and likeness (NIL)/intellectual property (IP) management company, today announced its partnership with Golden Touch, LLC, a marketplace/collective created to help The University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College and Holy Cross College at Notre Dame student-athletes optimize NIL opportunities.

Golden Touch is one of a new generation of collectives working with multiple universities to help athletes across each school maximize NIL opportunities. The collective will utilize ALC’s GameDayNIL digital platform to efficiently manage the numerous elements associated with NIL sponsorships, endorsements and product sales, including deal facilitation, payments, reporting and compliance.

“At Golden Touch, our mission is to help student-athletes strengthen connections and grow opportunities,” says Sean Collins, Director of Partnerships at Golden Touch. “We’re excited to collaborate with ALC. Their platform will enable us to efficiently maximize sponsorships while helping maintain the integrity and well-being of our student-athletes.”

ALC developed its software suite based on 25+ years of music-industry IP rights and royalty tracking experience. GameDayNIL automates NIL program management. It provides a single platform to manage the disparate requirements and associated tasks, payments and tracking for every NIL stakeholder – student-athletes, universities, collectives, donors and fans. The platform includes a university module and an invitation-only app, Club NILlionaire, which allows student-athletes to accept, track and report their NIL deals.

“We partnered with ALC because of their commitment to benefiting and protecting the student-athletes,” says Karen Phelps, Collective Director of Golden Touch. “We’re passionate about helping student-athletes build their legacies and we also want to make sure their mental health is a priority. I’m confident our ALC partnership will allow us to grow our collective so we can help even more student-athletes.”

GameDayNIL is an end-to-end software-as-a-service solution that integrates with current management systems and is scalable for future needs. Among its other features, the platform also provides a user-friendly way to manage fan and donor engagement.

“We’re honored Golden Touch partnered with ALC,” says Adam Jaggers, CEO of ALC. “NIL and IP rights represent life-changing opportunities for student-athletes. It’s our goal to help collectives ensure student-athletes can capitalize on these opportunities while maintaining compliance for all parties.”

About Athlete Licensing Company
Athlete Licensing Company (ALC) is a tech-enabled NIL/IP rights management company that connects student-athletes, universities, collectives, brands and agents. The company puts student-athletes at the center of the ecosystem by providing an app, Club NILlionaire, which enables them to optimize and manage their NIL opportunities. The company’s GameDayNIL platform is a software-as-a-service offering that allows for efficient, transparent sponsorship facilitation, payment enablement and reporting, and compliance oversight. ALC boasts a wealth of experience in intellectual property management and brings significant expertise in NCAA, state and school compliance requirements. For more information, visit

About Golden Touch
Golden Touch is the first and only digital college NIL marketplace/collective designed to empower exceptional The University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College and Holy Cross College at Notre Dame student-athletes with opportunities to monetize their college careers, grow their life experiences and support their mental health. Golden Touch has a distinctive purpose that sets it apart from other NIL collectives. Each deal completed through Golden Touch helps support Golden Minds, an online community to help athletes prioritize mental wellness. For more information, visit

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