Typical NIL Contract Terms

Feb 24, 2023

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Typical NIL Contract Terms

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) licensing deals are typically contractual agreements between a college athlete and a third-party business, such as an apparel company or a marketing agency. While the specific terms of each agreement will vary depending on the athlete, the business, and the nature of the deal, some common contract terms for NIL licensing deals may include:

    1. Compensation: The contract will specify the compensation that the athlete will receive in exchange for the use of their name, image, and likeness. This may include a one-time payment, ongoing royalties, in-kind (e.g., in exchange for goods), or other forms of compensation.
    2. Duration: The contract will specify the length of time that the business is allowed to use the athlete’s name, image, and likeness. This may be a specific period of time, or it may be open-ended.
    3. Exclusivity: The contract may specify whether the athlete is allowed to enter into similar deals with other businesses, or whether they are restricted to working exclusively with the company in question.
    4. Use of image and likeness: The contract will specify how the athlete’s name, image, and likeness will be used. This may include the creation of merchandise, social media promotions, or other forms of marketing and advertising.
    5. Termination: The contract will specify the circumstances under which the agreement may be terminated, such as a breach of contract or a failure to meet certain conditions.
    6. Intellectual property ownership: The contract may specify who owns the intellectual property associated with the athlete’s name, image, and likeness, such as any logos or slogans created as part of the deal.
    7. Dispute resolution: The contract will specify how any disputes between the parties will be resolved, such as through arbitration or mediation.

    Overall, the terms of a NIL licensing deal will depend on the specific needs and goals of the athlete and the business, and the agreement will need to be carefully negotiated and reviewed by all parties involved.